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의료 이미징의 다양한 측면과 EIZO가 헬스케어 솔루션을 통해 이를 해결하는 방법을 다룹니다.



How to Accurately Display Both Monochrome and Color Images with the Ideal Grayscale new_small.gif

Color and monochrome images require different grayscales, so how do you display them on the same screen?





Why Ambient Light is Important in the Reading Room new_small.gif

You know that ambient lighting needs to be controlled in reading rooms. But why? 


Three Reasons to Use 4K Endoscopy and Surgical Monitors new_small.gif

See how 4K endoscopy and surgical monitors and cameras can benefit the operating room.



How to Create the Ideal Ergonomic, Stress-Free and Work Efficient Environment

Learn how to make your work environment more ergonomic in order to reduce stress and improve work efficiency. 


How Does a Hybrid OR Differ from a Standard OR?  

Find out what exactly a hybrid OR is, and how it differs from a standard OR.



The Advantages of Using Polarized 3D Technology for Surgeries

Recently 3D display technology is becoming commonly used for surgical purposes. Read why and how 3D displays work. 


EIZO Offers a Comprehensive and Modern Range of Products for All Medical Imaging Needs

Read about all the solutions that EIZO offers for medical imaging needs



In Breast Cancer, Early Diagnosis is Everything

Read why medical grade monitors are vital for the early detection of breast cancer.


How DisplayPort's Daisy-Chain Feature Improves the Reading Room

Daisy chaining can help efficiency in the reading room. Learn what is required.



Why Medical-Grade Monitors are Important in Teleradiology

Read how teleradiologists can benefit from choosing medical-grade monitors over commercial-grade monitors.

CuratOR Alipe

Flexible and Loss-Free with CuratOR Alipe

EIZO's new video-over-IP system is a network solution for data transmission within the OR with zero latency or loss.